Gradings at Newcastle Aikido Club

Gradings at Newcastle Aikido Club are held regularly throughout the year. They are good way for students to develop and progress through the art. 

In Newcastle Aikido Club there are 6 Kyu grades before the first Dan grade is reached. Each grade has its own requirements and set of techniques which the student should demonstrate. The syllabus is detailed in the attachment below. Kyu gradings are held within the club at Newcastle, for students wishing to grade at Dan level, these are held by the Toshiro Sensei at Edinbugh Aikido club.

In Newcastle Aikido club all Kyu grades wear white belts. At 2nd Kyu, the student may also wear a Hakama, which is a large black over-trouser. Black belts are worn by Dan grades.

Gradings are not compulsory within the club. The timings of gradings are flexible , students may grade when they and the instructor feels they are ready.